Easy Recipes – Healthy and Tasty

We at Bestrecipes understand cravings. Our intent is to provide a one stop solution for healthy and quick recipes.

Options for breakfast, dinner & lunch – For the foodies who are new to the culinary art.

BestRecipes – Healthy

Healthy meal options are most essentially required in the current fast pacing lifestyle. Healthy recipes which are easy to prepare help in keeping the nutrition in balance. We have list of options, both conventional like Chana Salad and not so conventional like Avocado Milkshake and Grilled Salmon.

BestRecipes – Tasty

Tasty snacks for those craving days where the taste palate takes preference over balanced nutrition. We have a list of tasty snacks and drinks like – Pav Bhaji, Corn Palak, Masala Chai etc.

Image represents an example of easy and healthy meal.