Category: Quick Recipes

Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich is a great snacking and quick-to-make dish that can be tasty and easy to make yet superbly tasty. This is a classic and satisfying breakfast or snack option that can be easily prepared in no time. With its simple yet delicious flavors, it’s a go-to choice for many people around the world. It […]

Onion Pakoda

Onion Pakoda or Onion Fritters are one of the quickest evening snack one can make with the regular kitchen ingredients available everytime in everyones’s houshold. It is super easy to make and goes best with a cup of chai. A spicy dip which can be a regular coconut chutney or a tomato ketchep adds to […]

Masala Chai

Masala chai is a go to drink for many in India and other South Asian countries. Also referred to as chai tea or chai latte by many, it is a harmonious blend of tea leaves or grains, choicest spices and milk brewed together. When brewed perfectly, it meets its sole aim – that of transcending […]